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We make some of the most popular content based apps for Indian web and mobile consumers. A good number of our मराठी, हिंदी, संस्कृत and English apps are in top 100 most downloaded apps in India.

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Acruti Apps has more than 20 apps in the Android Play Store, with collectively 500,000 installs.

Android Apps

We publish books, blogs, news and other content based apps on Android.

Online Communities

We run some of India's popular specialized web communitie like BrandABrand and AnimalBarn.

Independent Writers

We help independent writers to bring their books to wider audience on web and mobiel.


Our Android Apps

Some of our selected Android Apps


Marathi Books पुस्तकालय

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Marathi Books & Apps ग्रंथालय

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Hindi Books

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Marathi Book Maitra Jivanche

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Marathi News and Blogs

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Our Web Communities

Acruti Owns some of India's most popular web communities.

AnimalBarn is a popular group for animal and pet lovers across the world. It also enables animal adoptions.


This is a popular place for people to talk and complain about differnt brands. It also provides analytics and statistics about how different brand perform on user satisfaction.

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Marathi is one of India's most popular languages. We have published several open-source and non-copyrighted books on Web for the benefit of society.